Welocme To Theinfomart

See what Bishop Oyedepo said If You are insulting him.

Bishop Oyedepo spoke on Tuesday at a prayer meeting held at the Faith Terbanacle, headquarters of his church at Ota, Ogun State.

He said: “Anybody insulting me is wasting his mouth. One I did not hear, two, even if l hear, it will not pain me. Anyone praising me is just expressing his opinion, and even if l hear, it will not blow my head. If you praise anything in me it is Jesus, it is not me, the greater one in me is the one you are praising. You think I am the one, no I am not.

“If I preach a message and you don’t laugh, please do listen because since the 70s when I started preaching, l laugh even when they insult me, l laugh.

“When they say, I am short, l laugh, when they say see his legs, nose, or see his mouth, l laugh.”

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