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ASUU, stop fighting for students in a wrong way

ear ASUU, it’s obvious that you have been making an endless effort to rescue Nigerian universities from their woeful form. To ensure they are the good standard that they are expected to be. So we wish to call on the government to do the needful.

It’s also necessary for the union to know that the means of strike they chose in calling the attention of government does not affect the government in anyway, that’s why it finds it hard to pay attention to their calls. Likewise, the students who the union claims it is fighting for are affected the most. So, which is which?

The union should look for another means of calling the attention of government other than strike, if truly their fight is for the students. Because it makes no sense for the union to continue to fight for students in a way that negatively affects them (students).

ASUU should suspend its fight for students if it can’t find other means of calling the government’s attention aside strike. It will be more preferable for the students to spend the exact year they are expected to spend in the school in its woeful form  than to be at home in the name of strike that adds an additional year to their stay in school without any improvement in infrastructure by the government.

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