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Prices Of Foodstuff Crash In Taraba Rural Areas

There is a noticeable reduction in the prices of foodstuff in rural areas of Taraba State, reported on Saturday.

The areas where it was noticed include Mutum Biyu, Garba Chede, Maihula, Dakka, Garbabi, Tella Monkin and Jatau.

It was gathered that a 100kg bag of newly harvested maize now sells at N8,000 in Maihula while in Dakka it sells at N7,000.

Similarly, in Mutum Biyu and Garba Chede, the bag sells at between N12,000 and N11,000.

Findings revealed that a 100kg bag of old stock maize is now sold at between N13,000 and N15,000 across rural areas of the state.

It was learnt that farmers have flooded markets with new maize but there were only a few buyers, a development that forced prices down.

The price of newly harvested rice has also reduced from N 17,000 per 100kg bag to N12,000. Price of locally processed rice also went down from N1,200 per measure to N9,000.

Other foodstuffs affected include yams, cassava, beans and groundnuts.

A big tuber of yams sold at N1,000 two weeks ago now goes for N500 at Kassa, Pantisawa, Monkin and Famanga markets.

A farmer, Alhaji Ali Maihula, told our reporter that the bumper harvest being recorded by farmers was responsible for the crash. He said the prices were even lower in areas with difficult terrains.

Findings on commodity prices in Kano revealed that at Dawanau grains market, a 100kg bag of rice popularly known as Jamila is sold at N54,000 while a 100kg bag of beans is sold at N21,000.

Similarly, a 100kg bag of old maize is sold at N22,000 and that of the new one is sold at N18, 500, and a 100kg bag of millet goes for N20,000 while a 100kg of garri is sold at N18,500.

It was also gathered that the prices of virtually all farm commodities have increased as an average tuber of yam goes for N650.

According to Malam Sagir Bello, a resident, said: “Many people have resorted to buying what is known as broken rice which is the last grade of milled rice and even at that, a measure sold at N550 initially is now N950 and a measure of maize is now N600,” he said.

Reports from Benue State shows that a bag of Semovita now goes for N3,600, a 50kg bag of local rice sells for N25,000 while the same size for foreign rice goes for N31,000.

A 50kg of flour now costs N13,500, while a 100kg of garri now costs N26,000.

A 1,000 kg bag of millet sells for N28,000 and same size of sorghum costs N35,000. An 100kg of maize costs N23,000

From Katsina State comes a report that a 100 kg bag of new maize now costs N13,000, while the old one goes for N19,000. A bag of new beans goes for N18,000 per 100kg while the old one goes for N20,000.

Sorghum costs N19,000 per 100 kg. A 100kg bag of rice costs N40,000 while millet of the same size costs N18,000.

At the Akwanga main market in Nasarawa State, a 50kg bag of foreign rice  is N32,000 while the local brand is N28,000. A 50kg bag of flour sells for N13,400.

A 10kg bag of semovita costs between N3,600 and N4,000, depending on the brand.

A 100kg bag of garri goes for between N15,000  and N20,000 depending on the grade and quality.  

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