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I got nailed by COVID-19, I got so sick and begged to die – IT expert, Editi Effiong recounts

Information technology expert, Editi Effiong has recounted some of the challenges he faced after testing positive for Coronavirus. 

Effiong who disclosed that he is 37 with asthma and blood pressure issues, said he got nailed by COVID-19 and got so sick that he begged to die.

He also disclosed that his 40-year-old friend just left an isolation centre and 15 people died during his stay. 

Effiong tweeted; 

This isn’t helpful. I’m 37, with asthma and blood pressure issues. I run regularly but got nailed by Covid. I got so sick and begged to die. Covid is unpredictable and treats everyone differently. My friend (40) just left isolation centre. 15 people died during his stay.

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